Healthy bites for growing minds.

Bite-sized meals that kids love.


Eating your veggies can be fun.

Delicious, homemade recipes minus the cooking.


Guilt-free convenience for busy families.

Made locally using all-natural ingredients.

Does the dinner rush stress you out?
Life with kids can be BUSY, so we often turn to convenience.
But convenience no longer has to compromise HEALTH.

December 16, 2014

December 16, 2014

December 16, 2014

December 16, 2014

Carrots Peeled
Cups of Quinoa Cooked
Sweet Potatoes Roasted
Zucchini Grated

Nutritionally Balanced

Paediatric nutritionist approved recipes ensure your kids are eating a proportionate balance of all the food groups. Each bite is packed with nutrients, avoiding any unnecessary fillers. At Purely Kids, we passionately believe that our little ones’ growing minds and bodies depend on this healthy balance. Tasting delicious is just a bonus!

Locally Made

Our Purely Kids bites are produced in the Toronto area (GTA) using simple and wholesome ingredients just like you would at home. They are immediately batch frozen after production, preserving both nutrition and taste. Straight from the freezer and ready in minutes, they’ll taste just like homemade goodness!

Ready in Minutes

Purely Kids frozen bites are a quick, convenient way to provide a nutritious meal for families on the go, or when cooking isn’t an option. Whether taken out of the freezer in the morning to thaw, given a quick microwave heat or a bake in the oven, these bites will be on their plate before they can say I’m Hungry one more time.


Once in a while convenience food fits the moment, no guilt necessary. But we also now know how important nutritious food is for our kids’ development. Some kids have no problem eating veggies, others need a little nudge. Veggie lovers or not, these bites appeal to kids of all ages, leaving parents feeling good about what is fuelling their growth.

Customizable Meal Size

Whether an after school snack or a dinner at home, Purely Kids bites cater to appetites of all sizes. A baby new to food textures might enjoy one of the bites, a tireless toddler possibly two, and a busy-bodied grade schooler maybe three. As parents, we all know it depends on the moment and the mood they’re in. Mix ‘n match flavours!

Kid Favourites

Mealtime can be challenging for kids (and parents!) To help out with this, we took kids’ favourite meals and gave them a healthy makeover. Not only are they tasty, their shape and size make them fun to eat. The animal themed brand will catch their eye… watch out, they’ll be begging you to bring home some animals from the grocery store!

So how de we prioritize kids’ HEALTH and at the same time value our TIME?


October 4, 2016


October 3, 2016


October 2, 2016


October 1, 2016

Offer kids food they LOVE, including all the HEALTHY STUFF.
Spend more TIME with your kids. Leave the cooking to us.