Ask Away!

A few more details.

Why are your products frozen? Are they less nutritious than if they were fresh?

Our goal is to combine both convenience and health into our products. They are nutritious, and at the same time are ready from freezer to plate in minutes. Parents’ bliss! Our products are frozen right after baking, which means they are preserved in their prime, and retain a lot of their nutrients and vitamins. Yes, we would all say Fresh is best, but for when life gets busy, our products allow cooks and non-cooks in the family to serve a nutritious, guilt-free option to their little ones.

At what age can my baby start eating your products?

Purely Kids products are meant for babies who have already successfully introduced solids into their diet. This varies from baby to baby, so please consult with your pediatrician. Once your child is comfortable with solids, they will love the soft and palatable texture of our products.

How big are the bites, and how many would my kid eat?

Kids’ appetites vary greatly, and often change from one day to the next. However, we typically say that a baby would eat 1 bite, a toddler would eat 1-2 bites, and a kid would eat 2-3. Each 240g bag contains 8 bites.

Why are your bites made in that shape and size?

Our products are the size and shape of a mini muffin. They are the perfect size for little hands, allowing for independent feeding at home or on the go. We chose the size to allow you to customize meal size. It can be a meal or a snack, it’s up to you. You know your kid’s appetite best… some are grazers and some are hungry hippos!

How many flavours do you have?

We currently have 3 flavours: two savoury and one sweet. Monkey Macaroni and Porcupine Pizza are savoury meal bites, and Beaver Brownie is our sweet option (although it’s made up of nearly 40% veggies and fruit!)

Where did your product names come from?

Involving kids at a young age in their own nutrition is a positive step towards healthy eating. Kids are interested and often “eat with their eyes”. So when it came to our branding, we decided to appeal to not only the parents, but also the kids. We took kids’ favourite meals (like macaroni ‘n cheese) and gave it a funny animal name twist (along with a healthy makeover!)

My child doesn’t like veggies, so will he/she like your products?

Our recipes are based on kids’ classic favourites, however they have been revamped to include mellow-flavoured veggies. While we don’t claim to “hide” veggies in our products, our recipes use veggies that have been grated or pureed. This creates a soft texture and subtle flavour that kids find very palatable. They’re a perfect balance for kids to love the flavour, and for parents to love what’s in them!

Are your products allergen free?

Our products are NOT allergen free. Monkey Macaroni, Porcupine Pizza and Beaver Brownie all contain dairy and wheat. Our products are processed in a facility that also processes nuts, milk. We are currently working on a vegan and gluten-free option that would allow kids with a dairy and wheat allergy to enjoy our products. Stay tuned.

Are your products school-safe?

Our recipes do not contain nuts, however are produced in a facility that processes nuts and dairy. Please strictly follow your specific school’s rules regarding food containing allergen-based ingredients.

Are your products organic?

No, our ingredients are not organic. We strive to one day become a 100% organic-based company, but for now, our products are all-natural, based on homemade recipes, and made from scratch. You can trust that we will always stay true to this principle!

Do I need to cook the bites?

Our products are heat ‘n serve ready. They are fully cooked/baked, but are frozen right after initial baking. Technically they can be eaten once thawed, but taste much better heated from frozen, for 12 minutes at 350 degrees.

Why would I choose your products over other frozen options?

Our products stand out in the freezer aisle because they are the next best thing to making it yourself. They’re just made in a bigger facility. The grains and vegetables are cooked from scratch, and then mixed before being baked into a muffin shape. There are NO fillers, NO preservatives and NO additives in our products, not even salt. And most importantly, we pride ourselves on not cutting any corners. We use REAL ingredients as opposed to powders or substitutes.